Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How many styles of cabinets do you offer? +

We currently carry 8 styles each with a unique color and finish. Please see all the door collections here.

Are all the cabinets made of solid wood? +

Yes, all of our cabinets are made of solid wood door with plywood constructed box. No compressed woods or particle boards are used.

Where can I purchase your product? +

You can visit our showroom to purchase, or you can have your licensed contractor purchase from us. Please visit the Contact Us page to view our showroom location.

Are the kitchen cabinets all wood or particleboard? +

All our cabinets are all wood/plywood (see Particleboard VS. Wood Cabinets). Each cabinet style we offer has a complete specification detail that will explain the construction of the cabinet.

Are all the kitchen cabinets in stock and how long does it take to receive my cabinets? +

Our cabinets take 1-2 weeks on average to be delivered. We always fill all order placements as fast as possible so that you will receive your cabinets quickly and conveniently. Contact us and we can discuss exact details.

What if I need extra items or need another cabinet? +

You can order single items quickly and easily the same way that you ordered your other products.

What are the wood doors made from? +

All of our doors are made from solid, high quality maple wood. Maple is a strong, fine-grained wood that is mainly an off-white color, although it may contain light hues of yellow-brown or pink. Check out our cabinet details here for more info.

What type of drawer boxes come with your cabinets? +

Drawer boxes are hardwood with 1/2″ dovetail sides and a 1/4″ captured plywood bottom. Please see the cabinet specifications here.

Do I need finished end panels for the sides of the cabinets? +

Our cabinets already come with finished sides, so there is no need to order additional finished end panels.

Do I need toe kick for the bottom of the cabinets? +

Our cabinets all come with an integrated toe kick, but we also offer separate toe kicks that you can order by themselves if you have the need for one.

Do you sell granite and marble? +

Yes, we do sell granite and marble. Granites and marbles may vary in color and sizes, please visit our store for details or check out our sister company’s website at for more information.

Design and Service Questions:

How do I design my kitchen with the right cabinets? +

Every kitchen is different and every person has different design goals in mind. We urge that you take all of the right steps to order exactly what you need for your particular kitchen. When you purchase from us, Best Cabinets offers a completely FREE design service to help ensure that you get your order completely correct. Please contact us today to get started.

How do I measure my kitchen and provide the right dimensions? +

Best Cabinets has developed an easy-to-follow brochure that explains how to measure your kitchen correctly so that we can provide you with the most accurate design plan possible.  Please print out this document to get started with upgrading your new kitchen.

How do I install my kitchen cabinets? +

We recommend that you have some experience with kitchen cabinet installation or hire a professional contractor.  It is very important that you hire someone with experience and integrity.  Best Cabinets will work with you to make sure that you order the right items to create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us for installation help.

How much does the design service cost? +

The design service is 100% FREE as long as you order your kitchen cabinets from us. Provide us with your your name, email address and phone number here so that we can best assist you. Even if you do not buy our cabinets, we offer the use of our design service for a small fee.

What kitchen design software does Best Cabinets use? +

At Best Cabinets, we utilize cutting edge 2020 Design Technologies software. This is the premier industry-leading kitchen design software that has helped countless customers to create kitchens that fit all of their unique visions and design goals.


How long does it take to receive my new design? +

Best Cabinets has excellent customer service in mind at all times and returns all designs in as timely a manner as possible.  Designs can take several hours to develop, and we strive to have all designs back within just 2-3 business days. We can also have the designer visit your home for measurements and consultation if you prefer. This service is free as long as you purchase your cabinets from us.

Contact us to get started.

How many designs do I get? +

We will provide as many designs as it takes to please our customers and instill in them confidence that their vision has been met.